One Day In Bologna!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Ciao Bologna! Since we had a few days off at our university my friend and me decided to explore new beautiful cities in Italy. We both have never visited Bologna, so why not Bologna? It took about 3 hours to reach the city from Milano by bus. The sky was cloudy, but at least it wasn't raining as in Milan. It is definitely smaller than Milan but really beautiful with the vibrant colors of the buildings. Everything had a touch of orange! The streets are narrow, but very enjoyable to walk through and get a litte lost. You can really feel, that you are in Italy. The main place of the city is called Piazza Maggiore. Around there you can find good restaurants and cafeterias. We had a delicious plate of gnocchi and pasta for dinner. In the street Via Piella you can find this super cute "secret window". When you open it, you will have this gorgeous view of a canal, which really gave me some Venice vibes. Bologna is very well known as a Student City. Around the Piazza Verdi they have nice pubs and bars to have drinks at night for very good prices (3.50€ for a cocktail!!). Unfortunately we had to leave at 1AM to catch our next bus to bella Roma!
Have you ever been in Bologna?

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