Milano Fashion Week 2017 - Experience and Outfits

Monday, February 27, 2017

Milano Fashion Week 2017, what a great time to live in Milan! Last week the Women's Fashion Week took place in the fashion capital. The biggest Italian brands presented their "Moda Donna" collections for Fall/Winter 2017. It was an amazing first experience. 
It was my first time to be at a Fashion Week and see how it takes place. On the first Day we went to the Gucci show to see the fashion show hustle and it was extremely fun. It was incredible to see the rush of the show with all the paparazzi from the outside. I saw a lot of inspiring, fashionable people, presenting their creative Street Style. Many important people from the fashion business attended the event. Anna Wintour, Anna Dello Russo, BryanBoy and many more. After the show we went to the N21 show, where we could see the show! It was my first fashion show, which I won't forget. To finish the day, we went to the Event of Negin Mirsalehi, who is one of my favorite bloggers. She launched a hair product from her own bee based haircare line "Gisou". We got to talk to her quickly and she was such a sweet person from the inside and out. I was very happy to finally meet this beauty in person!
 On Day 2 we went to the Fendi, Prada and Moschino show, but again just from the outside. It was extremely exciting, especially at the Fendi show. I got to see all these stunning people like Chiara Ferragni, Stella Maxwell, Romee Strijd, Amanda Harvey etc. They all look even better in person!
Day 3: The Diesel Black Gold show! The show was earlier in the morning and I decided to go there before leaving to Switzerland in the afternoon. We got the opportunity to get inside of the show and see their new collection. It was an incredible experience, the music was catching my attention and I just loved it! You can see the Finale of the show on my Instagram @nicimaiu. I had a lot of fun during the MFW and I realized again, that I am studying, what I really want to do and I can't wait to work in this industry in my future.


Ciao Bella Roma!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Another day, another city! Ciao Bella Roma! This city is incredible, so charming and ancient, I got overwhelmed by its beauty. Rome has way more to offer, than I expected. I can surely say, that it is one of my new favorite cities, that I have been to. After only "sleeping" for 5 hours in the bus, we started to explore Rome in two days. There were so many things, that we had to see but we managed the time very well. Since my friend and I are both students, we decided to stay in the Alessandro Palace Hostel, which is centrally located near the Termini station. It is a good place to stay, the rooms were clean and inexpensive, i can only recommend it.

Our first destination was the Colosseum (of course) and the Roman Forum. It was fascinating and incredibly beautiful. Isn't it just breathtaking, when you realize that these buildings are around 2000 years old? The Colosseum is really stunning from the inside and the outside as well. After that, we went to the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and the Trevi Fountain. The Fountain was amazing as well, it was extremely beautiful just like the other places. On both days we had a typical Italian lunch - Pizza! I realized, that even though I live in Milan I haven't been to many Pizzerias yet (about to change!). On the second day we explored the other part of Rome. Places like the Palatine Hill, Gianicolo Hill, Ponte Sisto, Giardino deli Aranci, Santi Bonifacio e Alessio and the Piazza degli Cavalieri di Malta. Here you should stop by and look through the whole. You will be surprised of what you'll see! We did all the things by walking, which is definitely my favorite way to see the beautiful streets, get lost and inspired. Later on it became already dark, but we couldn't leave without seeing the Basilica San Pietro in the Vatican. And again, all I can say is Wow! I was so impressed, everything around here is so huge. I usually don't like to be like a super tourist but it was totally worth it to see all these incredible places in Rome. I will come back again for sure!

Outfit 1
Coat: Departmentstore inYokohama, Japan
Shirt: Bershka
Skirt: Brandy Melville
Boots: Zara
Outfit 2
Denim Jacket: Honeys (Japan)
Shirt with corset belt, pants: Bershka
shoes: sk8hi, Vans


One Day In Bologna!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Ciao Bologna! Since we had a few days off at our university my friend and me decided to explore new beautiful cities in Italy. We both have never visited Bologna, so why not Bologna? It took about 3 hours to reach the city from Milano by bus. The sky was cloudy, but at least it wasn't raining as in Milan. It is definitely smaller than Milan but really beautiful with the vibrant colors of the buildings. Everything had a touch of orange! The streets are narrow, but very enjoyable to walk through and get a litte lost. You can really feel, that you are in Italy. The main place of the city is called Piazza Maggiore. Around there you can find good restaurants and cafeterias. We had a delicious plate of gnocchi and pasta for dinner. In the street Via Piella you can find this super cute "secret window". When you open it, you will have this gorgeous view of a canal, which really gave me some Venice vibes. Bologna is very well known as a Student City. Around the Piazza Verdi they have nice pubs and bars to have drinks at night for very good prices (3.50€ for a cocktail!!). Unfortunately we had to leave at 1AM to catch our next bus to bella Roma!
Have you ever been in Bologna?


Milano Unica - Sir Paul Smith

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Yesterday I had the chance to attend a conference for students with the British designer Sir Paul Smith, which was held at Milano Unica. At the fair, they presented textiles from all over the world, that will become the new trends for Spring/ Summer 2018. Although, we were not able too see everything (huge fair and a lack of time), it was very interesting for me to see the fabrics. I would have loved to share it with you, but as soon as I took out my camera, I got told that photos were not allowed. 
The main reason, why I went there was because of the presentation of Paul Smith. When we entered the room, he was standing right there in front of us. We took the opportunity to shake hands with him and we even took a selfie (which came out a bit blurry, but never mind). He was very friendly and funny. After that, he started with his talk "you can find inspiration in everything", which took about one hour. But it actually felt like 15 minutes, because it was so impressive. He talked about how he got into the fashion industry and the keys to succees. You need to have personality and think differently than the others. I got extremely inspired by the designer and I got reminded not to give up on my dreams. Paul Smith is very smart, generous and extremely down to earth. It was such a pleasure! 

I was wearing this cropped velvet jumpsuit combined with my Moschino belt. It was actually foggy and raining a little bit outside. The good and sunny Milano weather is gone. Next week I am going to Bologna and Rome! I hope the weather will be better over there. Have a good day!

Jumpsuit: Bershka
Belt: Moschino
Bag, Watch: Michael Kors
Boots: Zara