Brazil Trip I - Rio de Janeiro

Thursday, December 29, 2016

I have spent the whole July in Brazil this year. It was definitely one of the most amazing countries I have been to. I am very glad to have friends over there, who showed me some great cities. My first flight was from Zurich to Rio de Janeiro. There is no city like Rio, where you can see many and many great things in one place. Of course, I went to see the huge "Cristo Redentor". From there you have this amazing view over the city.

This morning hike to the top of the "Morro Dois Irmaos (two brothers)" was probably my favorite thing I did in Rio. We had to go through the Favela Vidigal to reach the top. We did a private guided tour with Rio4Fun, which was a great experience. From the top you can see all over Rio from another perspective. Looking down on the other side of the mountain you can see the Favela, which was breathtaking. I really liked, that compared to the Christ or the Sugarloaf, there were barely any tourists.

The famous sugarloaf mountain and the beautiful scenery view from there. 

If you are in Rio, I can only recommend you to do Hang Gliding! The feeling was amazing. You will run down a ramp from the Pedra Bonita. I went with the company "Just Fly Rio", which was a good experience.

Arraial do Cabo
 To reach Arraial do Cabo, you have to drive around 3 hours from the city center of Rio. This place was incredible. We did a boat tour to reach 3 different islands. The water is clear blue and the sand is white. You can go snorkeling and see beautiful fishes and sea turtles. It was definitely worth going there. I did this trip with Rio4Fun.

I have uploaded a short video about my trip on my *instagram*, if you want to see more.
>> Brazil Trip Part II

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